Pasting inside a mask, inside a component - can it be done elegantly?

Hey Figma community :wave:

Question: I have multiple layers in 1 frame, most of which are vector shapes. I have one specific area I want to mask so it can be reused numerous times across our team, if I make the whole frame a component though I seem to be unable to paste images into the mask.

Does anyone know why?

I have found a solution but I’m not sure it’s all that elegant :grimacing:

The solution:
(1) Layers to frame
(2) Frame to component
(3) Select component from the assets panel, detach it, then paste it inside the mask.

This works but I feel it is breaking a lot of Figma conventions.
Keen to know if anyone has a better way. :pray: :blush:

@tank666 Thank you for your response, I tried this but sadly didn’t work, the pasting object didn’t use the masking properties.

Could you show at least two examples of what such a component should look like? Also, do not forget to specify what exactly should be changed in it.