Page Description for Handsoff

I need this trivial feature of entering and reading a page description: I would describe there, what we see in the page, what it should be used for etc…
PowerPoint has it, Axure has it but Figma misses it :frowning:


Hello there

Figma has it too

Read this article please:

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great! what about per page description?

or per frame / section?

Hello There @Ravid_Aloni

Well to be honest it doesn’t need it, Pages can not be prototyped, only design materials can (frame, groups, …) and they can be added as flow and flows can have descriptions, which is solved already

But if you want to describe it the design file here is what you can do:

1- Add comment on required frame
2- Add info frame/group and put them in sections

Section are added only to clean the layering design and they are kind of descriptive if named correctly and implement correctly

I have uploaded a screenshot of what I do to have a clean informative design. it has both of info frame with section layering and comments.

Sorry I had to hide content due to confidentiality of the design, But I’m sure you can picture how it goes

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