Overrides & Variant animations


When I animate between variants I noticed a limitation. Lot of times I change a nested icon (component) for another one. By doing so I need to change the color of the icon again. I can do that for the initial variant, but not for the variant I animate to, which has a different color.

Any ideas?

If I understood correctly there’s no easy fix, I’m assuming you are using smart animate too. And symbols like icons have different structures inside, and are hard for Figma to compare. Basically a cross icon has more vectors like a minus one, and Figma doesn’t know how to handle that sometimes

Best fix would be something like “tint”-feature in sketch. I tried something with layer modes, but there is none that is having the desired color as the result.

Preserve icon colors:

This is what I was looking for.

Simple, name the shape of the icons the same, like “shape” and Figma will apply same color to all icons containing the shape “shape”. :slight_smile:

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