Overhaul gradients to the modern age

Gradients need some love, and are missing both basic and advanced features that could work wonders for design teams.

Currently, there is no way to:

  • Specify an exact angle for gradients
  • Specify an exact height for gradient handles without tediously counting pixels; this leads to some really inconsistent results when a gradient changes size or using gradient strokes.
  • Edit gradient handles within a saved color style

Please add the following features to gradient options:

  • Let us type in a specific angle for gradients
  • Let us specify rules for gradient handles: either gradient handles scale with a frame as it gets resized, or the gradient handles stay an exact height from each other (basically, gradient handles get either a Fill or Fixed option). Currently, I believe gradient handles scale with an object as it gets resized, but this is terrible when using gradients with strokes for a multitude of reasons. Try it out and you’ll see why.
  • Let us specify an exact percentage for middle gradient handles’ placement
  • Let us change the gradient handle options/positions in a saved color style

Figma won’t let new users upload files, so that’s that. Hope it makes sense.

Thanks for your consideration. These changes would help developers and designers.

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