New styles doesn't applied to swap instances

Hi Everyone. I have a technical question about styles and swap instances. The main issue:

  1. I have a button component with icon.

  2. I have a button instance, where I swap to another icon

  3. When I change color style in component then the changes are applied to the icon, but not for instance (there remains the old style)

If I reset all overides to icon in instance - new styles will be applied. Please give me some feedback, if you have a deal with it. Here are the link to short loom video with explanation: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

I think this is how Figma wants it to behave. I thought the same back when I realised this. So I would guess that you manually have to solve this by choosing “Reset override”. The reason behind this behaviour has to do with overrides you otherwise do with placed components in the design.

Perhaps a new feature with a trigger-link on the Master component would be nice like; “Push color style to all instances”.

So no solution for now of what I know to your issue.

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