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New interaction: Scroll a number of pixels

Currently, the only scroll option available is “scroll to” which works well for linked items on the same page.

I want an interaction that scrolls the prototype a set number of pixels on each interaction. A good example would be how you can nudge down a webpage with your arrow keys.

This would be a massive win for Figma in my team’s eyes since we are constantly working on products that don’t have a touchscreen and rely on buttons for scrolling. I can imagine this would also be great during accessibility testing for users who may be limited to a keyboard.

Currently, my prototypes use hidden scroll markers spaced out at that set pixel amount and buttons that move with the scrolling content. It’s a real pain to set up, so I’m not going to get too into it.

Does anyone else have this use case or see value in this new interaction? Please let me know if anyone has a better solution that maybe I just overlooked. Otherwise, please like and reply with your support :blush:

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