Nested components/variants bug

Hy guys. Have some problem with nested components/variants. I have structure like this:
– Root component
––– Variant_1
––––– Nested_component_1
––––– Nested_component_2
–– Variant_1
––––– Nested_component_1
––––– Nested_component_2

For third hierarchy level there is no option to convert selected objects to component, neither past/drug one. Actually, even if I detatch nested components ther is no reverse ability to convert them to components (I don’t know, how I make them nested at the beginning (: ). I’ve tried to reset all components - no result, so as wrapping content into frames.

Have any ideas?

Here is link to my design. Subject: component “About_Me”.

  1. Create Component 1;
  2. Add an instance of Component 1;
  3. Create Component 2 from an instance of Component 1;
  4. Add an instance of Component 2;
  5. Create Component 3 from an instance of Component 2.

Sorry but I can’t get it. I have to use instances of objects to nest, not objects themselves?

A master component cannot contain another master component. In the master component, you can only place an instance of another component and any other objects (text, frame, vector, etc).

Oh, now everything is clear. Thanx a lot!

On 29 August all nested components with interactions don’t work in presentation mode. For example, hovers on buttons don’t work, checkboxes in pop-ups don’t work. I hope this bug will be repared soon.


Now, as I understand it, everyone has this problem

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Yep for me its all components, not just nested ones.

Yes - here the same topic - Component within Component Animation Not Working - #2 by RayNi

Yup same here…I restarted my PC and all interactions stopped to work. I first thought I was nuts, but then checked on the forum and saw that I am not the only one.

Yes, it is a crucial issue, I hope Figma will fix this for tomorrow.

Same here. prototypes were all working earlier today but now are not. It seems to be affecting almost all of my prototyped interactions

All my files don’t work too. And my work is stuck because it needs nested working iterations to continue.

Not sure if this is a bug or general feedback. I have interactive components nested within another interactive component. The nested component doesn’t seem to function as intended. In this example, I have a button nested within a notification component. The button is set up to be interactive, but does not function in prototype.

See the button prototype states in the image below.


I’m seeing this issue as well. Seemed to start last night/today. Was working yesterday morning. I wonder if it has something to do withe the latest update.


I’m on the same train, and it started this morning… the fun fact is that I had moments when everything starts working, and then it breaks again. I noticed that also not nested components break as soon as you customize them (ex. text link with a hover interaction, then create an instance (it works) and edit the text string, that breaks the interaction for me.


I’m encountering the same issue, one moment it’s working, then it’s broken again.

yep same here. I made a similar post but deleted it because it started working again. low and behold, it’s broken again

Having the same issue here

Having the same issue but don’t even have multiple interactive components. Got a text field that’s interactive + nested in a few non-interactive components, but clicking isn’t doing anything.