Nested components/variants bug

I have nested components too, but the nested one doesn’t have any interaction, it is just a frame with a text object. So when I try to override the text on the instance level (text appears on hover), the text stays the same as in the original component. Maybe I should have the same child component even in the default state, just hidden?

Same thing for me. Until now I had no problem, I even nested some complex components with animations, but now a simple loading bar in another component doesn’t work.

Same problem for me as well. I have multiple (child) nested components that are not visible within the (parent) component

I’m having this issue too.

Is there any helpful advice for me as I am in the same situation? I have a prototype that was working fine a week ago, and suddenly no nested interactive components work in the same prototype that has not been touched for weeks :man_shrugging:t4:

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I think all you can do now is wait for a hotfix.