Need help Figma is not the same as 4-5 months ago

I am a UX student and I used Figma in my first project. It was so easy and intuitive, I had no problems. I am now roughly 4 months later working on a 3rd project ( did my second one in Adobe XD) and Figma is not working correctly for even basic things.
-I tried to draw a rectangle and it would not align with the left side of the page even though it was drawn from the left. No matter what I tried it would not align on the left. It would align on the right. If I tried to lengthen it the right side would just get longer and go over the page ( desktop layout).
-I tried to create text to overlay on the rectangle and the text would only go in very upper left corner and would cause the rectangle to shorten and move away from the text. I selected the text to try to move it where I wanted wont move. I could get the text to move to the top center of the screen by hitting align buttons on the right. But thats it. I cant place the text where I want and I had to delete the rectangle to get the text to the center.

  • I try to draw a line across the screen, it only wants to go in the very top of the screen and I cannot drag it lower.

-It seems nothing is movable or draggable to place where I want and objects are reacting to each other when I dont want them to! I want individual control of each component.

What am I missing here? Is there a new update to controls I need to turn off somewhere? I did have to figure out to turn hugging off so the rectangle I was trying to draw would stop resizing my desktop layout. I am so confused how this went from so easy to use to impossible! Please help!

Now I can get the rectangle to align on the left (not just the right) but now it wont align to the top of the page completely. It leaves a little gap no matter what I do. And I still cannot get text to sit on top of the rectangle nor can I move it where I want too. It just snaps back to where it was. The rectangle and the text seem opposed to being in the same space.

I don’t know why the rectangle decided to align with the left side either. It was also leaving just a small gap- like its now doing to the top of the page.

Maybe you can uninstall and reinstall the software, or maybe the windows or mac system?

I think that fixed it! Thank you! I uninstalled and then downloaded the desktop app and it seems to be working great now! Wow that was frustrating, so glad it its working normally.

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