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Back and forward navigation in presentation mode

We can’t go back to the previously shown screen, making it harder to demonstrate or test our designs. Simply pressing keys to go back and forward in history would be very helpful.

It already works like this, just checked a prototype I have open. Is there a specific case where it doesn’t? And if so do you have an example file?

He means History Previous with back key,
not left or right Frame in Canvas switched by ← → arrows.

Thanks West, yes, I mean history. Will clarify comment.

Ah right yeah I get it now. E.g. if you open an overlay, you’d want a button to close it again, and a button to go forward and open again. Makes sense!

Possibly. Common use cases would be

  • you just want to test/demonstrate the workflow again, without clicking on the prototype
  • you want to get back to where you were after clicking a button that takes you to a place that doesn’t link back to where you were