Help using one single component library with multiple themes

I’m currently separating a Figma design file for a white-label project into as follows; 1) Theme (i.e. colours and font styles etc), 2) Components, 3) Mockups. The intention is to essentially to have one file for (white-label) components linked to multiple project files, which will in turn use independent themes (one for each customer).

I could if need be have the theme and mockups together, but I’m hoping to have separate components so that down the line for each theme I won’t need to update the components each time.

// My current workaround is having individual themes where I copy mockups from the master file (retaining component links) and use library swap to update colours and fonts. It does work by in large, however, it doesn’t use the new themes hover states in prototypes and some random components need manually updated.

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I’m using Figma Tokens plugin to apply the different themes. This way you keep the styles/themes separate.
I don’t, however, know how to publish different libraries per theme that use the same components.

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