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MS Teams integration

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    I see that Figma has a Slack integration. We work with MS Teams are there plans to make a MS Teams integration?

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    I think a lot of companies work with MS Teams instead of Slack. Are there others that want’s a MS integration?


What kind of integration is useful? An nicely rendered “card” with info about the Design, like the Cover image, Designer etc?

I could see that as a nice enhancement over a simple text URL in Teams.

Don’t think I’d want to see a design thumbnail as 99% of the time it’d be too small/busy to be meaningful.

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Would it be useful to see Shared Component update messages sent to a Team/channel…?


Yes, I think that will be helpfull.

A nice card view would be nice.

When I hit the share button in Figma. I want the possibility to select a Teams channel and the designs will be mailed to all that are in the group.

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