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Slack integration with Figma for communicating changes to Design Systems

Since moving from Sketch + Abstract to Figma, I have been looking into different ways that we can communicate Design System updates to our design teams.

Our aim is to not break any of their component instances, so by communicating changes, we want to ensure that our designers can pull in all updates with confidence (and stop hitting that ‘Dismiss’ button!).

While change notes are added to published changes in libraries, I would like to find a way to partially automate our comms processes so that our designers are notified of a change before they update so they know how changes may affect their files.

This will help with the stability of our Design System and reduce ‘design debt’ every time we publish a release.

Previously we integrated Abstract with Slack. It was a bit crude, with every change being posted live to the Slack channel, but it was a way that there was transparency across the organisation over the design changes that were made to our company’s Sketch files.

Currently there is no integration with Slack on a Figma Enterprise licence. It would be fantastic if we can have a feed of published changes to Figma Libraries in Slack so that we don’t have to do it manually.

Are there plans to integrate Slack with Figma Enterprise licence holders?


I’m also looking for this exact integration. Slack notifications when new components or updated components are published to shared libraries would be extremely valuable to both our Design team and our Eng team.

Actually, there’s a plugin for that: Figma - Version History → Slack | Version History → Slack Or VHS for short, sends version info from your Figma documents to your cu...