Moving pages to another file

Hi, I am Patrick and working for the Swiss Railway Company.

I would like to design files in a personal file, before handing them over to a file called “for developing”.
How can I do it? And how can I copy also the comments with it?

Thanks a lot for any hints!

Hi @Patrick_Rosset1 ,

I don’t think that you can copy comments to a new file, it is easy to duplicate a file but I’m not sure that its a good idea going forward?

From your description it sounds like you want to do developer handoff when you are “done” designing, and do not want the developers to view/comment your design before you are ready for it?

Here are some alternatives that you might consider, depending on your setup, timeframe and team-size:

  1. keeping everything in the same file, and allow developers to inspect/comment. You can have more pages, and a page called “for developing” where you move your design (and comments) when you think they are ready. (They can see all pages)

  2. have two files: 1 for you with components and 1 for the developers with instances of the components. That way you control when your components are published to the “developer”-file.

  3. Do a more controlled handoff with a tool like Zeplin, there is a integration with Figma: Figma Plugin · Zeplin . This allows you to have your design and changes “hidden” from developers until you decide to publish it.

I hope it gave you some hints :slight_smile: