Move object to frame

As a new user I didn’t build my first Figma file well. I copied items by copy dragging them from frame to frame, but didn’t realize at the time it was not placing them on the new frame, but as individual components in layers. Now I have hundreds of objects not on specific frames. I have some troublesome objects that I can’t move to the frame I want. I’ve tried cutting/copying them and using “Paste Here” on a specific frame, but they still end up at the top of my layer list. I can’t effectively drag them down to the frame/layer I want because my layer list is so long.
Is there an easy way to move an item onto a specific frame? Thank you.

solved - drag items to a new frame and then back to to the desired frame. That moved the objects to the correct frame/layer. Still it would nice to have a contextual menu item to move the item to a specific frame.