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Missing styles

here is the situation :
Library with new styles (opacities)

The new styles are not found when trying to get them in my work file ! :angry:

/ what I’ve tried
Save & publish multiple times
Restart Figma
check in library file (everything is there and can be selected)
disconnect librarie then reconnect

Nothing works

It looks like you are facing a technical issue which is not related to plugins API so I moved it to #product-questions category. This forum is not used for reporting general Figma bugs so you should send a request to Figma Support via the support request form or Don’t forget to also attach a video and/or screenshots of what’s happening and links to the files you are having issues with.

The trouble is still here…
I can’t figure what is the problem…
Perhaps another eye on it can help… thanks in advance…

Here is a screencast :

Oh, it’s a very simple issue! When you add . or _ in the beginning of the name of the style or component, it will be automatically excluded from being published to the library. Before the change of layers panel, it had to be in the beginning of the full name of the style including group (e.g. _Brand/Blue would be excluded and Brand/.Blue probably wouldn’t), but now since groups and style names are somewhat separate, the style which has the name starting with . or _, e.g. .16 in your case, won’t be published to the library.

Great, I just replace . by , to access it faster and it works
Thanks @Gleb