Larger File Sizes

The Situation

I have a design file for a complex feature with many use cases. As such, the file contains a large number of frames, components, etc.

The Problem

Due to the size of this file, I frequently get memory warnings, and Figma can be a bit sluggish when I’m working with this file. My understanding from discussing this problem with Figma in the past is that there is an active memory limit of 2GB per browser tab, and that this same limit applies to the Figma Mac app, which (as I understand it) is basically a wrapper around a browser tab. Unfortunately, 2 GB is insufficient for many large design projects., and splitting up the file into several pieces really isn’t a great solution.

Proposed Solutions

I understand that an application that runs in the browser is subject to the active memory limits of the browser. However, an application running on my MacBook is not subject to those limits. Therefore, it would be awesome if Figma developed a Mac app that is engineered differently from the browser based Figma app and is not subject to the 2 GB limit.


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