Korean fonts aren't working properly!

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The problems yet EXIST on APRIL 2022 with Intel MAC both on Safari & on Chrome!

Tried all the solutions given by Figma staff members on the previous thread and YET not solved.

If works, should appear β€˜ν•œκΈ€β€™ on display. And I got this on Figma - β€œγ…Žγ…γ„΄γ„±γ…‘γ„Ήβ€. It seems all other cloud-based webpages working fine to date, including google documents, Dropbox documents, Wix.com.

It seems the problem persists since mid last year. Help me fixed that I can work directly on Figma. I am literally copying and pasting every single phrase or word every time which is absolutely disappointing!

The link for the previous thread is here:

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