Keep FIG files out of the Cloud

Reposting this community question a sit was never answered and I have the same question:

It’s possible to work with Figma desktop app and force the app to not sync a design file to cloud? I have to work at some design that can contain some sensitive information and I don’t want to be uploaded on the cloud.

I know that I can stop the internet access for the app, but maybe the app already has something build it.

Ref: Force figma to not upload a design file to cloud

Hey there @Kevin_Williams1. This isn’t currently possible. Here’s our help article outlining how Figma works when offline:

Curious to learn more though on your concerns or use-case with not wanting to use Figma while online?

Thanks for that Josh,

The original poster’s question referenced “sensitive information”. My concern is more inline with using Figma (or similar Design Software) in the GovCon space with data ranging from sensitive, secret to top secret where the file should never touch the cloud.

Reference: Government Contracting for SaaS Companies | SaaS, Software, and Technology Lawyer - Kader Law

Got it that’s helpful. I know this is something the team is looking into but not sure on the timeline or what we can share publicly at the moment. I can definitely pass this feedback along though! :slight_smile:

Got it, feel free to reach out if you have any questions.