Keep comments pinned to specific nested elements (AUTOLAYOUT included)

ISSUE: A big issue at pretty much all of the jobs I’ve had that rely on the comment functionality in Figma is that comments are only able to be pinned to the top frame and not any nested frames within it. In order to organize our flows within each page we use frames to nest our flows in. So with Figma’s current functionality of only allowing a comment to be pinned to the top most frame none of the comments move with their respective frame.

REQUEST Figma, please build functionality that allows comments to be pinned to any frame regardless if it is nested within another frame or not.

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Currently using sections with various huge component sets that have autolayout. When i shift position of the elements within the autolayout frame, the comments that i pinned on the nested frame don’t follow the element i shifted. We need to be able to pin to specific elements and not just top level frames, and need the comments to truly stay pinned. I am getting trust issues from this one.

Someone else has mentioned this here

That thread is marked as resolved but it really isn’t!

Also mentioned here as a bug

This is actually part of a bigger issue of how we relate to comments in general
which i stated here. It is not one or the other.

Hey @Delia_Tomei_Villadsen, appreciate your feedback!
This is on our radar. I’m happy to pass this to our product team as a feature request for their consideration in future product updates, though I can’t guarantee an ETA for any improvements.

This has been mentioned already in so many threads, can’t believe it’s still not been implemented: I use auto-layout to organize rows of artboards and when I add a new one the comments stay in place while the artboards get shifted so it’s hard to see what comment relates to what. Allow me to anchor them to specific components in the designs so that they remain in place. Show a border when the comment is selected to easily identify what component it refers to.

we desperately need this @Figma_Moderation @Support_Team @Figma_Support @figma

pin/anchor a comment directly to elements within auto layout

or at the very least offer a click-drag that allows comments to be included in that selection so they move everything together.

FIGMA NEEDS TO BE A COLLABORTIVE TOOL - hundred of floating comments that are impossible to track and ensure feedback is being addressed is unacceptable

Hey @Sarah_Jackson1, thanks for the feedback!

As mentioned by Celine, our team is already working on this. We just don’t have an exact timeline we can provide just yet.

Also, please be aware that Figma’s Community support team does not own Figma_Moderation, Support_Team, or Figma_Support.