Issue/Bug? Auto Layout Resizing and Height issues on nested autolayouts

Is there a settings or preferences panel for option on how you want autolayout to behave if you change the parents’ autolayout direction or resizing? I need a way to prevent children autolayout from changing settings when a parent autolayout is adjusted.

I’m running into a consistent issue where children autolayouts change from what I set (eg: Fill or Hug) to Fixed, and not only that, the height is also affected by making the it 1px tall, so its hard to select the object and I need to go and find it in the layers panel in order to fix and verify all the children are where I had set as originally.

I am running into this issue almost on every single time using autolayout. And it’s not only slowing my work down, but it’s irritating and making using Figma a frustrating experience. Any help is appreciated!