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Is there any work around to team library or shall I just buy a pro license just for myself?

I am learning Figma and loving it. I have a small startup and i’m trying to wireframe the web app we’re making. Right now I’m on " Figma For Beginners: Explore ideas (1/4)" video on the official figma youtube channel.

I created a free account and appears that can’t follow the tutorial any further because team library is required. Do I need to subscribe to pro license as a beginner or is there a way I can work around it for a while until i get better?

If you don’t need to use a library, don’t buy it. You can use local components in one file just fine for free. Libraries are used for structuring larger projects.

I wanted to use “Figma Wireframe Kit (Free) (Community)”. Will I be able to with my free account?

Yes, you can use any files on the community for free. Simply duplicate its contents into your work file or turn the duplicated community file into the file you will work in.

Great! Seems like a good idea? Just one more question. Will I be able to use components from multiple community files?

Yes, you can copy/paste them into one file.

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Great. Thanks!