Is there a way to specify what width I want my Layout Grid to take up?

Hey folks.

I’ve been having an issue for a little while where pretty much at 1281px and beyond I want there to be a 1200px fixed width container that is always centered. I’ve tried to tinker with the Layout Grid’s width feature to try and get the 12-column width to equal to 1200 but the closest I can get is 1196.

What am I doing wrong?

Hey David,

It’s a simple calculation that is happening. Figma takes the columns multiplies them with the width and adding the gutter size.

So 12 column * width 85 = 1020 + 16 (gutter) * 11 = 1196

If you add now one pixel to the width it jumps to 1208px and so on. The number you need is something like 85.34

But how about using a frame that has it’s own 1200px layout grid and you set the constraints to center and Top and bottom so it doesn’t get wider but scales in height. You can then easily adjust the grid because it always listens to the size of the frame that it is attached to.

Have a great day