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Is Figma Mirror Ipad suppose to double tap by default?

When I use Figma mirror with my iPad (iPad Pro 11-inch). If I just do a single tap on the screen, it will actually tap both on the screen I was on, and the new screen that popped up.

So if I have an overlay that closed when clicking outside, it will open and automatically close. Or if I have a checkbox, it will check the box and then deselect in one tap.

Anyone having this issue? or know how to fix it?


Definitely sounds like a bug that should be reported to Figma support team via the bug report form.

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I have same problem. Very annoying. (ipad air 4th 11")

Same issue. On iPad every tap become a double tap making prototype impossible.

Did anyone ever find a workaround to this? Experiencing the same problem

The problem still exists :frowning:

I am also experiencing this. This is very frustrating, as I do 95% of my work on my iPad Pro.