Big Issue : My library don't publish any change

My library don’t publish any update : new component or change…
I already try to :

  • Restart Figma and my computer
  • Turn off/on the connecting library with all my files
  • Clear the figma cache

It’s really dramatic at this stage of the project… someone can help me? @Figma_Support :pray:

Hi Ameline, thank you for reaching out!
Can you publish your library if you open it in an incognito/private window or different browser? Our supported browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge.
If this doesn’t work, I’d suggest reaching out to our support team, they can try publishing your library on their end.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you @Gayani_S . I tried with the browser but nothing change. I sent a message at the @Support_Team on frida but they don’t reply for this moment… :disappointed_relieved: It’s really blocking to deliver my client, I hope to have a solution quickly

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So sorry for the delay Ameline. We’ve been backlogged a bit, but we found your case and escalated your ticket to have someone from Support look at it ASAP.