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Interactive components within other components broken on prototypes


I have a hover state on a component that works fine on a prototype, however when that component is put inside another component (in my case a navigation bar), then that navigation bar is used within a prototype, the hover state component no longer works.

I’m certain I’ve seen interactive components within other components work just fine, so do I need to provide more context to my specific use, or is this a common problem so far?

Only other thing to mention is that my hover state interactive component is within an auto layout. I’m unsure if that’s causing the issue.

Just an update: I removed the hover state interactive component from the auto layout and it’s still not working, so likely not related.


I realised I was using a master component within the prototype by accident. Removing this and replacing with an instance solved the issue.

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Thanks for sharing your experience! I look forward to when it is out of beta!