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Interactive components from linked library breaking

a couple different wonky things going on here:
• updating a linked library component will break interactive component in a different prototype file… example, changing the speed of a dissolve in linked component library will remove the interactivity in a prototype… so much so the hot spots are no longer showing up.

• using keyboard / game pad input will not allow multiple interactive components use the same keypress. seems like the keyboard input is only active on individual components vs a root level class that can be assigned to multiple components. example: pressing a letter I want to have two interactive components change to a different variant.

• using a keyboard / gamepad input will not allow the same key to change back to a base variant. example… base variant is not animated, using keyboard input to change to an animated state doesn’t allow the same keyboard input to change back to the base non animated variant.

• if click input is set on library level interactive component it is not possible to add different keyboard inputs on instances in prototypes. example: interactive component has a click through variants on a loop of 4 different states adding two different instances in a prototype does not allow additional keyboard inputs to be individually assigned to both instances that will allow variants to change independently.

• assigning keyboard input to library level components does not honor change assigned key in instances that will honor all assigned inputs on the library interactive component… example: having two interactive inputs, click and keyboard press, to do the same thing will not allow the keyboard input to be changes on instances and give the same interaction through out the instance. change the letter from H to L on the instance only affects the first input of the instance previously mapped to H, pressing L no longer will cycle the variants.

• changing keyboard assigned input of an instance will interrupt other assigned overrides for instance. example: keyboard input assigned to library interactive component place in prototype and color overrides are assigned to instance… keyboard input changed from H to L reverted color overrides to the main library component from white to black.

I am sure there are a few others that will pop up, happy to break a bunch of these into individual bugs and or work with the devs to help troubleshoot these a bit more.

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