Interactive component bug when prototyping with overlays

We have prototyped some components (mainly buttons) of our Design System using interactive components and when we use them with a separate mockup to prototype we come across what seems to be a bug.

The interaction with the component (a button) in the Design System is:

  • From default variant, while hovering change to hover variant.
  • From hover variant, while pressing change to pressed variant.

Based on this logic, if there is no hover neither press, we assume that the variant shown should be default.

The interaction in the prototype where we use this button is:

  • When clicking the button, open an overlay.
  • When clicking the button to close the overlay, close the overlay.

We expect the button in the main screen (the one that isn’t the overlay) to be shown in the default variant after closing the overlay. However, it’s shown in the pressed variant, and there is no interaction that changes it back to default.


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