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Interactive behavior not supported within main component artboards

Hi there,

First things first : thanks for this awesome feature.

Now, I met an unexpected behavior (maybe i’m doing it wrong).

I use to transform some artboard into main components and duplicate to get child components and direct link between these components with a prototype link (this is helpfull for small variations between pages such as a quick loading demo).

So I have a main artboard “A” which is the main component, and some other artboards “B”, “C”, etc, which are child components of A (with no artboard above “B” and “C”).

Interactive behaviors will works as expected while playing prototype in “B” and “C” (child components), but not in “A” (main component)

This is not a big issue as I can use a child component and link to a child rather than the main componant. However, this make me have a duplicated screen only for this reason.

Tell me if you need more details or a sample (discovered this in a private project)

Hope this help in a future updgrade

I’m not entirely sure what you are doing. Are you trying to create a connection between two simple components? Interactive Components feature works only between variants in the variant set, it doesn’t work with regular components that are not variants.

Oh, no, my interactive components are used within my “screens” components (“A”). They just don’t work in the case you use a main “screen” component in the prototype mode.

Can you show an example?

Sure ! Here is a demo :

You can see the behavior when playing prototype here : Figma

I didn’t test with any other behavior (mouse over only)

Looks like a bug to me. I tend to avoid using the main component in prototypes so your current workaround is what I’d be doing anyway but this should still work as far as I can tell!

Hi @SEBASTIEN_ALEXANDRE - we currently don’t support interacting with instances of interactive components inside of main components. This may or may not change as we monitor feedback from the beta. Thanks!

Hi @Andrew_Chan - Any update on this? currently we are using two layers with main components where the first one have the interactive behaviour defined and the second contains different main components with different text content
Would be nice if we could use this pattern :slight_smile: