In Asset search, do not include assets from libraries not explicitly enabled in file!

Currently, if anyone has the unfortunate idea of pasting a figma frame or any component instance or anything from an external file (for example a community file, or an old deprecated file, or a draft etc), then when you search for assets, the results will include assets published from that external file, even though he is not explicitly enabled as a library, and not added in any other way at all.

It completely screws the search for assets feature, because then people start inserting more undesirable assets into the file, because the search results don’t specify where the components are from…

Please either change the default behaviour, or allow for a setting in the search assets window, to search

  • only in libraries enables in the file (and not in the file itself)
  • only in the file itself
  • only in the libraries explicitly enabled and the file itself
  • everywhere like today (although i don’t see when you would want random published asses from a file appear in search results only because you copied and pasted somethign from that file into yours).

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