Improve readability of frame and section titles

It would be helpful provide options to edit the appearance of frame and section titles. When I lay out my files, I like to label frames and sections in the artboard so that a person not familiar with the project can quickly see which frames deal with a specific feature. The titles for frames and sections are hard to see when scanning for a specific frame.

I could see frame titles being editable or interactive in the following ways (I am sure there could be others):

  1. Font size
  2. Font weight
  3. Font color
  4. A feature where a user hovers over the title and it becomes larger.

Hey Rick, thanks for your feedback on improving readability of frames and section titles! We will pass it along to our team for consideration.


Yeah, I think font color changes would be good. The font size increases/decreases when you zoom, but it’s greyscale and it’s still a bit small. Something like the attached.