How to use mouse enter and leave

Please guys, I need help learning the mouse enter and leave interaction. I also have a question: can it be applied on a mobile device? If yes, then how.

I need assistance.


Mouse enter/leave work by tracking the cursor’s position: If the cursor “enters” a frame’s boundary, that will trigger mouse enter. If the cursor “leaves” that boundary, that will trigger mouse leave.

As the interaction implies, it requires a mouse cursor to be trackable, so it won’t work on mobile devices generally (unless a bluetooth mouse is connected).

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Thanks a lot. I’ve been trying to replicate the interaction on the Pinterest profile menu and nothing is working.

Is there anyway to mimic the mouse enter and leave interaction on a mobile design?

I am not sure there is an equivalent that will track your finger. You can try while pressed or on drag triggers to try and simulate the interaction, but it’s hard to know without seeing an example use case of what you’re hoping to prototype.

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