Mouse Enter/Mouse Leave Events do not work when dragging


I am creating a prototype where the user clicks and drags an object from one part of the screen to another. While dragging the object I’d like to highlight the drop target when the mouse hovers over it so I created an OnMouseEnter event to trigger a Boolean variable to true, however it only fires once I let go of the mouse. Is there anyway to get events to fire while dragging?

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Hi there, Thank you for bringing up the issue with mouse enter trigger while dragging.

I tried to replicate the issue but haven’t been able to create a draggable object yet. Instead, I added scroll behavior to the frame and created a Mouse enter trigger with a variable action on the gray Ellipse to display a cat picture. This trigger also activates when I release the mouse while entering the Ellipse. Please review the video attached.

I’m considering reaching out internally to investigate if we can trigger the Mouse enter action while dragging.
However, I want to align with your desired outcome as closely as possible. Would you be able to share your file with us? It would be incredibly helpful if you could provide a brief video demonstrating this behaivior. This will help us visualize the issue better and determine if we can reproduce the same behavior.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Please inform us if there are any further details to consider. Additionally, if any members of our community have insights or suggestions, please feel free to share them here.

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for the reply.

[Here] ( is a file which demonstrates what I am trying to achieve. You can drag the star into the slot, and the box has a MouseEnter event to turn a bool to true. This should brighten the box when the cursor hovers over, but it doesn’t react until the drag action is complete.

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Hello @Joel_Casebeer, Thank you for sharing your file with us and providing detailed information!
It appears that we currently do not have access to the file you shared. Would you mind setting the sharing settings to [Anyone with the link] + [can view]?

Thank you for your assistance here!

Got it, thank you. Try again and it should work.

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Hello @Joel_Casebeer, Thank you for your patience! I truly appreciate you sharing your beautiful design file with us!

I noticed that there are two interactions:

  1. [Star] on Frame 1:
  • Trigger > On drag
  • Action > Navigate to Frame 2
  • Transitions > Smart animate
  1. [Drop target] on Frame 2:
  • Trigger > Mouse Enter
  • Action > Set variable

The interaction 1. animates layers between the [Star] and the Frame 2. The hot spot for interaction 2. is in the Frame 2, and Mouse enter interactions only trigger when the mouse initially enters the hotspot. So, the current behavior might be as expected.

Just to clarify, are you looking for a way to set interaction 2. in between the Smart Animate transition to Frame 2? If so, I explored the possibility, but it seems challenging at the moment.

I understand that this may not be exactly what you are looking for, but one workaround I thought of is transitioning both [Star] position and [Drop target] opacity using Smart Animate.

You can check the related our Help Center article here: Smart animate layers between frames - Supported properties

I hope this explanation helps a bit. If I misunderstand anything please let us know!

Also, I believe other community members may have had similar experiences and could offer more helpful suggestions in this particular case. We welcome your input, so please feel free to join the conversation!

Thank you.

Thank you for mocking up an alternate solution! I have tried that approach in the past but you’re right, it doesn’t fully communicate the functionality I am looking for.

To add clarification, yes my hope was that interaction 2 (the Mouse Enter event) would activate during the drag transition. This way I could have feedback to show that dropping the star within that region will be successful. For now it appears that these types of events only work when a frame transition is not happening.