Mouse leave vs. mouse move outside

So I was trying to do some mouse leave prototyping, and I did use mouse leave for the interaction. But then it became mouse move outside

It did do what I wanted it to do. Then I tried to recreate it, however it is just mouse leave now.

And it turns out that I actually want the interaction to be mouse move outside because the mouse leave is just not doing the same.

But I cannot figure out how to recreate it or what cause the mouse move outside in the first place.

Does anyone know how I did that in the first place?


Same thing is happening to me. For both mouse leave/mouse move outside and mouse enter/mouse move inside.

A prototype I have using mouse move inside is working as expected, but when I go to recreate, I only can do mouse enter, which is not having matching behavior.

Same here. I would love it have it back ^^

For me this literally happened like less than 24 hours apart :sob: So I feel like it is still in there, I just have 0 clue how I made it happen lmao