Mouse leave vs. mouse move outside

So I was trying to do some mouse leave prototyping, and I did use mouse leave for the interaction. But then it became mouse move outside

It did do what I wanted it to do. Then I tried to recreate it, however it is just mouse leave now.

And it turns out that I actually want the interaction to be mouse move outside because the mouse leave is just not doing the same.

But I cannot figure out how to recreate it or what cause the mouse move outside in the first place.

Does anyone know how I did that in the first place?


Same thing is happening to me. For both mouse leave/mouse move outside and mouse enter/mouse move inside.

A prototype I have using mouse move inside is working as expected, but when I go to recreate, I only can do mouse enter, which is not having matching behavior.

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Same here. I would love it have it back ^^

For me this literally happened like less than 24 hours apart :sob: So I feel like it is still in there, I just have 0 clue how I made it happen lmao

Hey Mai,
Thanks for flagging this! Please reach out directly to the support team here: Be sure to use your Figma account email, include a link to the file, and share it with, so we can take a closer look. Thank you!

Edit: For visibility, after checking internally, the team was trying to make our mouse events more predictable without changing any existing prototypes. Still, it would be great that we investigate further if there is any bug on your end. Thank you!

This happened to components in a design system I’m working on: all instances of Mouse Enter and Mouse Leave have today changed to Mouse move inside and Mouse move outside.

What happened? It would be all right if this update preserved the old event functionality but it does not. Are these updated names for the old events? Are these new events that behave differently from mouse enter and mouse leave. How can I fix this so I don’t have to manually updates hundreds of components?

I am still not sure why this is happening, but based on my experience the two are different and not a rename for mouse leave/enter

Im not sure if this would solve your problem, but for me, if i disconnect it and then reconnect it, it will be mouse leave / enter and not the other one. But im not sure how long it will stay like that as it seems like for you it randomly changed after a while. I hope this could help you at least temporarily.

For me, I want to get the other ones, but im not sure when it turns into that :smiling_face_with_tear:

Hey Celine, thank you! I will message the support team!

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It was very strange that it suddenly updated all the events.

You’re right, if I disconnect and reconnect I can select mouse enter/leave but I don’t want to manually do that with a design system full of components with hundreds of variants. It would be way too time consuming and who is to say that it won’t randomly be updated again. I appreciate your help though!

…the team was trying to make our mouse events more predictable without changing any existing prototypes. Still, it would be great that we investigate further if there is any bug on your end.

There seems to be a bug on my end. In my design system file all component events automatically updated from mouse enter and mouse leave to mouse move inside and mouse move outside. Is there a way that we can switch these back without my team having to manually do this?

I also submitted a support ticket about this yesterday. Thank you.

Well whatever changes they made it seems to be working based on the prototype I’m working on.

Mouse enter triggers event when pointer enters/already inside trigger object. This behaviour is new.

Mouse moves inside triggers event when pointer enters / moves inside trigger object. This is how it behaves previously, and the one i prefer for my project.

Both has its own use case I think.

Hi everyone,

To give you more visibility, with the Little Big Updates that were recently released, we’re trying to make our mouse events more predictable without changing any existing prototypes. The “Mouse move inside / mouse move outside” interactions are deprecated versions of the “Mouse enter / mouse leave” interactions that worked in an unpredictable way. We have created new versions of these interactions and in the process, renamed the old ones to “mouse move inside/ mouse move outside” to avoid changing and breaking any existing prototype interactions in user files.
The interactions you see using “mouse move inside” and “mouse move outside” are using the old version and were not automatically updated to use the new versions. They should still work as they did before, but in the interim we appreciate your help to manually update any existing interactions that you would like to change to use the latest version.

Please also note that these older versions are no longer accessible when creating new or updating existing interactions and we are currently not intending to add any options for users to set the old version on any new interactions.

If you are seeing cases where the behaviour in your prototypes have stopped working (using either the older or the new “mouse enter/mouse leave” options available in the UI dropdown; please let us know and we will flag them further for the engineers to take a further look. We appreciate any examples you could provide of how you expect the interaction to work versus how it is behaving. Please reach out to us by filling this form:

We apologize again for the confusion caused here by the sudden change, and we’ve pass along your feedback to the team.

Thank you!