How to set the linear gradient position with Percent value in figma?

Is there a way setting the gradient position with Percent value?

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I just tried to do this two days ago; as I was really intending to accurately communicate the third color stop for dev.

This should be a feature request.

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Hey there, I’ve changed the category from ‘Ask the community’ to ‘Share an Idea’ so others can leave their feedback and vote for this feature request. Please upvote your post.

This is not possible in Figma, has been a feature request since Figma came out.

why? is any reason?

They just haven’t built the feature yet. Other tools like Framer and Webflow have it because they use real CSS gradients, but Figma’s rendering engine is entirely custom from scratch so they have to build all of these features from nothing so stuff like this gets low priority to build.

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