How to replace local component with a library component?

I have a local component in my Figma file. I want to replace that component with a new library component that my team shares. How do I do it? This seems like it should be easy but I can’t find an answer.

If this is not a feature, consider this a request.

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That video isn’t relevant. The video is about swapping an entire library.

I want to swap single local component for a single library component.

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You can use Master plugin for that:

Hi Gleb,
In the video you shared, you show how you replace a local component with a library component. I followed along but got an error.
I selected the component I want to use in the library Figma file and went to Master > Pick target component. Then I went to my working file and selected the component I want to replace and clicked Master > Link objects to target component. It took a couple minutes while Master searched my figma file. Then I got an error saying something like “no components that can be targeted were found”. Any ideas?

Are there actually any instances of this component in the same file? Since you say it’s local I assume yes but in this case Master should’ve found them. :thinking:

If for some reason Master can’t find them automatically, you can use the Similayer plugin to select all instances you need and run Master → Link command again or simply use the Swap Instance menu in the right panel to swap these to the right component.

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