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How to maintain shared URLs better?

Hi there,

Our product team of developers, designers, and writers has now worked with Figma successfully for a while. However, we still have one major issue concerning the shared URLs:

When developing a new feature, we start working out concepts in Figma which are shared at a very early and rough stage with the team via URL in Slack and are attached to the corresponding Jira-Tickets. The concepts go through various iterations, alternatives, and critiques before being “done”. When things seem to be ready I (as the maintainer of the Figma project) clean the file and move the artboard into our “Main” collection.

This leads to the issue, that when moving and pasting artboards around (e.g. from a “work-in-progress” page to the “ready for implementation” page, the shared URLs get broken. When someone wants to access a particular artboard from Jira (e.g. our Tester who usually compares screens when already implemented) the links do not work anymore.

Is there a good way to deal with this issue? Shifting from artboard links to page links (which would require restructuring the hierarchies of the document)? Avoiding moving the artboards between pages?

Do you experience similar challenges? How do you maintain your URLs while having artboards in different stages spread across multiple pages?

How do you move frames between pages? I don’t know if that will fix the issue but if you are doing Ctrl + X, Ctrl + V, try doing Right click → Move to page… instead, the IDs of objects won’t change thus the links should technically stay the same, but I’m not 100% sure.

Hey Gleb,

great, this already solves some of the issues. Doing some research I found this summary of how elements can be moved around currently - maybe it helps to understand the restrictions when setting up design workflows and structures:

∟ File <= can move to different parent
∟ Page <= CAN’T move to different parent
∟ Frame <= can move to different parent

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