How do I prototype a nested link in a variant component?


I have a component which is a category tile. Once you hover over it, it changes the state to a variant which has a description and a link.

I drag like 6 instances of this component to the frame and want to have the link in the hover variant point to different pages. I’m just stumped on how to do that. I guess the same goes for the image of the hover variant. I don’t know how to change that for each instance.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Not a great way to do this @JJG (just saw your comment in the prototyping module).

I did experiment a bit with this and what it would look like to abstract the changes into two components (“Card” and “CardContent”). Maybe it sparks some ideas of your own — Figma

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Thank you so much for this @Michael_Riddering ! I was afraid there wasn’t an easy solution to this, but the idea of the CardContent component is definitely interesting! Will try this out :smiley:

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