Frame problem in prototype view

I have a screen that contains a frame for mobile screen and within it there is seperate frame for bottom nav bar, the problem is that in prototype view ,the nav bar frame is not visible when set on 100% zoom or viewed from mobile, but is visible with fit to screen view. any solutions? thankd

I think you have answered your own question where the frame size is bigger than the size of the screen that you are viewing in.

Try reducing the frame size to match the screen resolution.

ahh, I probably had wrong wording.

it’s not bigger, i have a bottom nav bar frame and its fixed to the bottom of homepage screen, bit in proto view only homepage is visible without navbar

I don’t know why it’s happening, but to help you, I think the constraints of the nav might be set to bottom.

Change the constraints of the nav to top, Fix position while scrolling and try again. That may help.