[FIXED] Comments - Shift + C hides, but I need capital C's!

When I’m typing a comment or reply and need to write a capital “C”, I use shift+C to do it, but this is the command for hiding comments entirely, so Figma hides all comments as I’m typing. I would really prefer not to have to hit caps lock to make a C in a comment.

This is strange, Shift-C as a shortcut only works for me when I’m not typing. Tested on both Mac app and Safari. What system are you using?

But in general I agree with you. Using Shift for shortcuts is not particularly good idea. I would rather reassign all of them to Cmd (Control). So having ability to customize shortcuts is what is needed:

Looks like they fixed it! No longer having the issue so will close it out. Agree with you on customizable shortcuts!