File is too big to be exported as a PDF

Hi guys,

I’m trying to export my product design portfolio as a PDF file.

My entire portfolio is 75 slides and has a 229 images.

Whenever I try to export my portfolio as a PDF Figma crashes.

I have tried using different devices but none of them managed to export it.

Does anyone have a solution?

Hey Josh,

Thanks for reaching out to the community! Typically, we recommend either breaking up your file into multiple smaller files so that you can export in batches, or using a plugin to compress any memory-intensive assets in an effort to reduce the overall file size. If this can help you, it may be worth exploring our Community to look for plugins that can assist with compressing images or reducing your file size.
I’ve also looked into potential plugins that might be helpful here: Figma Community Search: “compress pdf export”

Let’s also keep an eye out for any insights or solutions that others in the community might have!