Figma support not responding after 1 month

I had additional charges when migrating some projects to my account, from accounts that have not even been opened for a year and were added as entries automatically, I am worried that it is a bad practice for hidden charges, has anyone solved this with a refund?

I have sent multiple messages at

Hey Eduardo,
Thanks for reaching out to us! I see on our backend that we have replied to your tickets on 8 and 20 March. Please check your spam inbox. For your reference, we replied to this mail: If you didn’t receive it, please give us another mail address (you can send me via DM, or here – I will removed it as soon as I will inform the team in order to protect your data)

Here is a recommendation given by the support team that may help you. You have additional full seats that are charged.

To help rightsize your account, please downgrade any unneeded full seats to the Viewer-Restricted role.

To see who is currently on a full (paid seat) and perform this downgrade:

  1. Select the admin console next to your team name on the left side of the file browser
  2. Navigate to the Members tab of your team page
  3. Set the Design role and FigJam role filters to Full to display all billed users
  4. Downgrade any Full seat to Viewer-Restricted to remove that user from billing

To avoid additional charges in the future, I recommend you set the default user type for your account as Viewer-Restricted, which is both a free seat and will require permissions for that user to be upgraded to a paid seat.

I also recommend having an admin set up email notifications to receive an alert when a seat is upgraded. Hope this helps!

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Hi Celine, thank you for answer.

Can you resend the email to xxxxxxx please? i can’t found the email in my inbox or spam.

Thank you for the confirmation! I will inform the support team. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!