Figma slows down in Browser and App

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to work with Figma under Mac OSX Monterey. I have tried the solutions from the different posts, but unfortunately without success.
No matter if I work in the browser or in the app, it takes forever until something is selected, copied, pasted or modified. My file contains a component library and all components are aligned with Auto Layout. Is there still no solution for this problem? Mac Book Pro, M1 Max, OSX Monterey 12.4.

Could you share the screenshots of the file, or if you can share the link of the file. I have worked with files with almost 85 Pages having around 120+ Frames Each with UHD Photos and SVG Patterns as background. It takes 3 - 5 Mins to load for me, 9 - 11mins if opening after clearing the cache but once it opens it does not create performance issues.

Hey Sagar,

thank you for your reply. The file himself is difficult to share. It is client project. I duplicated the component lib for you. i hope that helps. maybe i can share you the original file in pm. but i tried some different huge figma files and i have the same problem.

I’m on a 13" MPB with M1, I was able to open this in 24 seconds on web and 31 seconds on the App. I believe the problem might be with the installation. I have an extensive tailwind lib that has almost 25 - 30% more volume and I’m able to interact with it on a daily basis without any visible lag or bloat.

Have you tried clearing cache of your Figma app?

Have you tried clearing cache of your Figma app?
yes - but for me it didn´t solve the issue. do you use 114.6.1? (Figma Version)

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