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Latest Release Has Slow Load Times

The latest release has really slow load times for projects. I’ll open a project and it will just sit there and spin. At some point I have to give up and close the tab, and reload the project. Eventually it will load.

I have a 2017 MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM and a fast internet connection. I’m using the desktop version of the application. This wasn’t happening before.


Hey! Can you try again with this build:

have same issue. Will try build that @poiru suggested

The build doesn’t help.

After opening 3-4+ files (doesn’t matter if I open them at the same time or not), Figma takes 2-5 minutes to open more files, launch plugins, Community pages, etc., at 100% CPU load. New files are created instantly, though.

Restarting Figma or even the Mac makes it even worse – Figma itself stops having any UI, just blank screen with the top bar – no menu commands work. Even uninstalling Figma completely and then installing again doesn’t help. After some time (30-60 mins) it usually starts working normally. It happens on all my computers (two MacBook Pros and Windows PC).

It probably means the issue is with the API or whatever the app uses, because web version doesn’t have this problem. And only for some “chosen” accounts, given that I don’t see many reports about it.

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Same for me. Figma started having insane load times from several weeks ago.
I’ve literally just clicked create new file and nothing happened for around a minute, when 3 files were created at the same time. Then it took another 30 seconds to load an empty new file.
Even the home page takes around a minute to open at a time now. It’s becoming unusable.


Guys, come one. It’s billing time soon and my company needs to know if we renew the license or go back to the S. It’s impossible to work like this.

Same here, sometimes have to restart the offline Figma for files to load. Rather scary that it takes so long…


Same thing. My company pays for a corporate plan and even on it we have to wait, reload, pray but not work on our projects :frowning:

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Been struggling with slow load times ever since the loading animation was introduced. Files used to open almost instantly, or at least within 2-3 seconds, even if they were stupid large. Now, even small, practically empty files take 7+ seconds and what feels like forever for larger files.

Same issue here… going back to S for this week. When is it going to be fixed?

Couple days after I messaged the support via email, the problems have stopped occurring completely. I hope it started working normally for everyone else here as well. Thanks!

How did you fix it?