Figma plugin is a scam

this app doesn’t even work, and makes it impossible to cancel subscription through the website (which doesn’t allow for login), but the only open channel is a discord where users must repeatedly beg to have their subscription revoked.

I tried to use the app once a month ago, never worked, not one positive thing to say.

but I did get a $230 bill on my credit card I don’t even remember authorizing whatsoever. if it was a reasonable monthly subscription fee I wouldn’t be so mad, but this is fraudulent, I can’t believe this is even enabled through your website.

Just look at their discord, people have to beg to revoke subscription.

I’ve sent message thru website contact form and still waiting for response.

Just need to be rid of this and done trying to get figma plugins working, since none of them can properly interpret my design file anyways.


If you think any resources violate Figma’s rules, terms, etc., you can report the violation by clicking on the “Flag as inappropriate…” link on the plugin/widget/file page.

Read more in the following Help Center articles:

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I guess I’ll have to figure out if predatory product design is against figma TOS

Definitely report it

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