Figma now allows parent hug >< child fill <> combo?

My understanding has been that the combination of child frames set to fill while the parent is set to hug is incompatible. @Mr.Biscuit demo’d a clever workaround to achieve this at Config 2021 in his bi-directional hugging, but recently when I’ve tried executing that workaround it’s failed. I figured Figma pushed an update that negated it, but didn’t do any formal investigating.

Today when I was working with some auto layout frames, I purposefully set some child elements to fill and their parent to hug to demo the forced override, but to my surprise that little toast at the bottom of the interface never showed up! The settings were applied. No conflict.

Does anyone know:

  • When this became possible?
  • What the new “rules” are when it comes to incompatible auto layout resizing settings? For example, if I set those text layers from “hug” to “fill” the Container layer does get forced to a fixed width…
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I got the same experience and was wondering whaaaat :smiley:

But passed it and didn’t think it’s something to investigate

I’d appreciated if someone could explain details.