Figma JPEG export quality vs. PS

I’m running into some trouble and wondering if it’s fixable. I’ve spent a lot of time comparing JPEG exports from Figma vs. other design software. I’m seeing a compression happening that’s very noticeable in JPEGs with no compression.

Exporting a frame as JPEG with Figma default options @1 results in a lower quality. I attach 2 screenshots. One from Figma JPEG, no compression, and another one from Photoshop, no compression.

Figma export JPEG no compression dimensions 1080 x 1350:

The Figma JPEG contains more data, and is a heavier file. But it still results in lower quality render that’s noticeable in the highlights and sharpness.

This is particularly bad when uploading to any social media / ad platforms where the point of focus of the creative is a photograph.

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Photoshop export JPEG no compression 1080 x 1350: