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Figma is exporting files as zip files only

Hi! I´ve been having a problem with my exports. I don´t seem to grasp how figma is exporting my files (sometimes exports files as single .png or whichever option I select but other times exports as zip files and its bothersome :weary:). Where can I change this and why it´s happening? Please help :cry:

This happens only on the browser in two cases: when you are exporting multiple assets at the same time, and when the object you are exporting has a / (slash) in its name, which means “folder”. To keep the folder structure, Figma exports files in the zip file. This won’t happen in Desktop app (Figma will create a folder instead of exporting an archive). So you might want to remove / from asset name if you don’t want to export zip.

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Thank you Gleb :exploding_head: and also thanks for the super fast answear!