Exported item shouldn't be put in a folder labeled with corresponding page name

This seems to be a new “improvement.” Previously if you exported a top-level item, it would just show up as a file at your specified download destination. Now it puts that file into a folder labeled with the page it was exported from. Was better the way it originally was. It’s easy enough to create a new folder if desired during the export process when you’re asked to confirm the destination instead of imposing this unwanted file mangement on everyone.

Hi Daisuke,
Thank you for your feedback. Hmm it looks odd, I cannot replicate on my end.
Is it happening on your browser, desktop app, or both? And is it happening when you export an item (PNG,JPG) and/or a Figma file?

On browser, I tried to export item on PNG or PDF, and they show up automatically in my “Download” folder by default.
And, on desktop app, there is a pop up that give you option to select which folder you want to download it. (see below)

Would be great if you could share a quick screen recording to see where/ when the issue happened. Let me know if it is ok for you. You can also share it to our support team by filling out a form so they can investigate it further here: https://help.figma.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Thank you!