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Figma header UI in Present mode complication

  1. Whenever in the Present view mode while I am presenting a prototype, for example I am viewing a desktop page. It would be more straightforward if the header would not be fading in and out by default, and would be fixed, and the artboard would start below it right away. When Management or business persons views it, who might not have the patience to learn a new tool and fiddle with shortcuts, it’s easier to show something which works right away, without much confusion.

  2. Any Present mode design.

  3. Does anybody else feel that this could be improved? I know that there’s an option to hide the UI and share the link with the UI missing. But then if somebody who is not familiar with Figma, will miss the view options, and the sidebar to navigate between different flows.

The idea would be to have something out of the box, so that my team does not need to create a prototype navigation UI for easy access on top of each Frame to switch between versions, or create a lot of links.

The best case scenario would be if the Present Figma UI header would be fixed, not fading out, and design would start below it. So that I can put my design at 100% display at full width, and have a sidebar on the side to navigate between flows easily. Then my desktop page designs would be working as intended.

Now to view my desktop pages where the header has content or any interactive hotspots, the only option is to to turn off the UI, but it requires extra steps, and people might miss a lot of things if I turn off the UI.

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